Rubbish time debug

Like many people, I prefer to use QT Creator as an IDE. I use CMake on my projects ,which are not QT applications, instead of qMake. And Using XCode seems to me irrelevant, don’t judge me.

Anyways, I decided to open one of them on VSC, my favourite ide on GoLang and TypeScript. At the bargaining everything was fine but I disappointed when I use one breakpoint. Lldb doesn’t work on it because of these XCode updates.

I spend lots of lots of time to fix it. But the solution was on. Just Easy, Install CodeLLDB, and create launch.json and add automatic lines.

I don’t know why I spent that time on that. There was an easy solution, in front of me.

Boris Jhonson and Coronavirus

Here, in Great Britain, nobody knows what will happen to us. We live in the corona attack and Mr Jhonson’s careless approach. As a Turkish guy, I don’t clearly understand why these English Politicians ignore this situation. I thought Turkey isn’t part of the modern free world. But I learn that our government and Mr Erdogan really responsible person.

It is really interesting information for me. I was blind about our culture. That is really human-oriented.

Covid lives in our mobiles too

At the same time, I mention that social media is really important in our life. And I know that Covid-19 will destroy anything but I also recognize that there is another virus in our mobile phone. A social media virus, that brings many viral pieces of information generally false, hoax. This Hoax-Covid-19-Social virus not only infects our mobiles and also our brains. The human language uses in this virus. It doesn’t have any computer zeros and ones.

By the way, we will see what will happen soon.

What do I do now?

The best wat is staying at home. And spending time. The best option is reading. Yes, it is a very new blog I know but if you want you can read my post such as Perfect Forwarding with Template to dive in C++11/14-17 or 20.

And I also spend my time on the CPA test too.

Hello world!

After the long break, I decided to reopen my personal blog. I used to publish my codes (and the notes especially in Turkish) before. Now I move to the UK and publishing my notes in English is better chose.

Long waiting visas and especially job hunting. I am not completely sure how I will publish the same text in it but I am going to force myself.

By the way. As a programmer. Writing the same HelloWorld code in here is a must.